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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

Are you worried about scalp micropigmentation pain? So are most people who try the procedure. However, while there may be some temporary pain, the results are long-lasting and create an ultra-realistic effect resembling short natural hair.

Check out our guide to scalp micropigmentation pain and learn why, for most of us, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Can I Ask the Artist to Stop During SMP?

Short answer – yes. It’s normal to experience discomfort, so don’t call for a break as soon as something feels odd. Scalp micropigmentation pain is usually less directly “painful” than getting a tattoo, and tattoo artists would go out of business if everyone called a break as soon as the discomfort started!

However, if the treatment is causing you discomfort that makes it hard to stay still or it’s painful, you’re well within your rights to ask for a break. Your professional micropigmentation artist will understand and ensure that you’re comfortable before resuming the treatment.

Should I Have Scalp Micropigmentation If I Have Sensitive Skin?

The scalp is a very sensitive area of the body. This is why it’s so common to experience discomfort when being treated; almost nobody “enjoys” the process. However, virtually everyone who tries this treatment enjoys the results, and that’s several years of benefits weighed against a week or two of discomfort at most.

If you have sensitive skin, speak to your doctor before getting treatment. They’ll be able to let you know if the treatment would be deeply uncomfortable, and this isn’t something that you want to quit halfway through.

Professional artists use numbing creams to help mitigate scalp micropigmentation pain. This makes it bearable for most people, even those with sensitive skin.

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

Most direct pain is associated with the treatment itself, although even this is more uncomfortable than painful. Soreness and itchiness might persist for up to 2 weeks after treatment. Try to avoid touching or aggravating any irritated areas as it’s just your body healing itself.

Is Micropigmentation on the Scalp Safe?

Complications are very rare, and this process is generally considered very safe. If you have any doubts, speak to your doctor. Also, make sure you’re working with a professional scalp micropigmentation artist because it’s a very technical procedure.

Is SMP a Good Idea? — Final Thoughts

If you think you could benefit from scalp micropigmentation, rest assured that the procedure is safe with only rare complications. The most important thing is to work with a qualified, honest professional, and you’ll have minimal pain with excellent results.

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